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Hotel Palacio La Cajiga

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A wide range of activities for every taste

From here you’ll be able to visit places such as the mountains at the Peaks of Europe such as “Potes”, “Fuente De”, “Poncebos”, “Bulnes” or “Covadonga’s Lakes”. Its a good place to start up trekking routes such as Cares, Tresviso from Urdon, etc
Also the mountains of Cuera offers many possibilities, starting your yourney even from the hotel itself!. There are routes appropriate for quads (for hire in Panes) and mountain bikes.. If you like fishing by the river, this is an ideal place to practice the sport at Cares-Deva river. In this river you will also be able to descend in kayak (for hire in Panes).
The sea is at 12 km from the hotel, with amazing Asturian beaches, such as La Franca, Cobijeru, Buelna, Vidiago, Andrin, Ballota and another 33 beaches in Llanes and in Cantabria such as Pechon, Prellezo, San Vicente de la Barquera y Oyambre.
There are various interesting Caves to explore in the surroundings: La Loja, El Soplao y El Pindal are the nearest ones.
Also, it is interesting to visit nearby ancient villages such as Colombres, Llanes, Cangas de Onis, Ribadesella, San Vicente de la Barquera, Comillas or Santillana del Mar among others..
And, of course, to enjoy and delight in the wonderful cousine of the area is a must.

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Hotel Palacio La Cajiga
Abándames - 33579 Peñamellera Baja (Asturias)
0034 985 414431 -

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